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Please Watch & Read this Important Message, Before All too Late. 69904a10
Apakah kalian sudah siap untuk masuk & mengarungi petualangan di akhirzaman?

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Please Watch & Read this Important Message, Before All too Late.

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In progress Please Watch & Read this Important Message, Before All too Late.

Post by Admin 3rd February 2024, 2:59 am

Please Watch & Read this Important Message, Before All too Late. Images19

I am educating & reminding my colleagues in my Global Civil Society community. with the topic title "what's in it for you?"

1. Precisely in this era of the end times, in this magical state of globalism delusion, which is actually dystopia. If you don't immediately wake up & get out of this current, then you will completely drown.

2. Talk about plans to face the possibilities that will occur in the next 3 months. namely the arrival of the Great Reset accompanied by a global crisis, the Great Recession and the 3rd Gulf War leading to intercontinental war, the impact of the massacre in Palestine.

3. Predictive speculation that we are worried about & are trying to prepare ourselves for, including facing the blow of the Great Reset and the New Wave of Covid2. The effects of this poisonous & damaging vaccine on RNa & internal organs are starting to show more serious symptoms, and causing many new deaths. plus a new bio weapon virus spread by scientists & Big Pharma agents. which is more complex and deadly. then the impact of the global recession through the WEF's Great Reset agenda caused the world economy to collapse, many centers in each world had to be liquidated, and riots & chaos occurred everywhere, as well as panic from natives and immigrant colonies. destruction of facilities and buildings, as well as crime rates increasing very sharply. lots of layoffs everywhere, also luxury houses & resorts were robbed and burned, also malls, outlets, shops and cafes were all looted, vandalized and burned. many electricity & communication facilities had to be deliberately cut off, the situation was truly tense, gangster groups and other evil people united to create chaos and terror everywhere. including increasing cases of fights with the authorities, and shootings which resulted in many victims falling and dying. all our assets and money in the bank were taken away by unscrupulous supervisors & high-ranking officials from the bank. all stock and capital market activity, as well as the total collapse of cryptocurrencies. many companies went bankrupt, as well as pressure from superpower countries that were loan donors, forcing the leaders & officials of small countries that were lent to, to immediately pay off the interest on debts resulting from the bad behavior of this regime.

4. People are starting to stop transacting with paper money, and gold bars and coins from bank production & mints, whatever it is. As a result, rich people, content creators and artists and celebs can no longer secure their homes, guard their assets or transfer their money to banks. because no one wants to make transactions with paper money, including dollars, so the transaction tool has changed to gold and silver pieces and jewelry. as a means of payment, or using a barter system. The richest, most famous and hedonistic people in your country, in this era of the end times  they will quickly become poor homeless people and lose their property as well as all their assets and jobs. all basic commodities have become very expensive & rare on the market, even water. electricity supply is limited. In fact, many electrical substations have become damaged and no longer function. People are starting to use solar panels and stock a lot of battery machines & power banks. not to mention the addition of many wars, extreme climate changes, terrible natural disasters, many epidemics and food scarcity. will cause many deaths. This is the depopulation agenda hoped for by the Globalists, as well as the establishment of concentration camps to torture & kill people who do not want to submit to being enslaved by the system and control of the Globalists and Cabals.

5. We must prepare ourselves for the worst possibility. Survivalist weapons and training are very important in today's education, strengthening communication & strengthening social ties between colleagues in the Global Civil Society community, including activists, survivalists, believers and other field backgrounds. Each member of the community, they must start to gather themselves with their family members and friends in the community, by forming small teams, accompanied by elite and expert divisions. You not only need guidance and security protection from survivalists & revolutionary guard troops in our community, but you need the presence of experts in their fields. for example: my country is currently in chaos, I definitely need reliable drivers and protective bodyguards to take my car to the airport quickly and safely, I also need fellow doctors and survivalists, and brave and slightly crazy veteran pilots, who can carry mini planes airbus. to transport me, my family and my small group of friends to a secret location in a country where there is a shelter in a foreign and isolated place and there is a secret bunker there.       I need to tell you, when great chaos occurs, the enemy that threatens us is not only nature, bioweapon virus outbreaks, drought and famine, war, police and military forces, but also government agents and globalists, as well as civil society who panic and become crazy and brutal. So at that time, only community colonies can be trusted, including the fragments of our Global Civil Society group, which will later be scattered and separated from each other, and location instructions, sufficient resource supplies, survivalist skills, good religious knowledge and understanding of end-time prophecies. and also a clean, firm & strong faith, then that will be the determining factor for us to survive in this era of the end times. apart from our colony. Many people ignore and don't concentrate on caring about this, so let them feel, and suffer themselves or kill each other or die, as a result of their own actions, attitudes & actions.

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